• jtn31ds28 is a contactless encrypted rf card chip, which conforms to nfc forum type2 protocol. the chip has a storage capacity of 484 bytes, a working frequency of 13.56 mhz and a working distance of 10 cm.
    • supporting anti-collision function and national commercial cryptographic algorithm, as well as dynamic id anti-fake process unique to crystone tech. it is a multi-purpose contactless rf card chip with high security and logic processing functions, which can be widely used in the fields of anti-counterfeiting traceability, electronic trademark, intelligent equipment and data acquisition system.

    • meet iso/iec 14443 typea standard
    • contactless data and energy transfer
    • working frequency: 13.56mhz
    • communication baud rate: 106kbit/s
    • working distance 10 cm
    • user storage area: 416 bytes
    • 7-byte unique serial number (according to iso/iec 14443-3 cascade level 2)
    • uid can be automatically serialized to ascii code images based on ndef data exchange format
    • ascii code images with encrypted data are supported
    • eeprom memory unit is 484 bytes, divided into 121 pages, 4 bytes per page
    • 4 bytes with one-time edit capability (cc bytes)
    • supports up to 14 bytes of user id storage area
    • support 8 byte user key storage area
    • support write lock per page
    • support national commercial code sm7 algorithm
    • support dynamic id anti-fake process
    • support physical anti - transfer technology
    • support packaging damage detection technology
    • data storage: more than 30 years
    • data rewrite times: more than 100,000
    • operating temperature range: - 25°c to 70°c