jingtong technology attended the jd cloud box ecological alliance summit as the designated supplier-pg电子官方

jingtong technology attended the jd cloud box ecological alliance summit as the designated supplier



on november 25-27, the "15th china pallet international conference and 2020 global pallet entrepreneurs annual meeting" hosted by the china federation of logistics and purchasing and undertaken by the pallet committee of the china federation of things was held in changsha. jointly analyze the new situation and new changes in the pallet industry at home and abroad, and discuss the new trend of high-quality development in the pallet industry in the future.  

crystone technology, as the designated supplier of jd cloud box and jd logistics smart chip, attended the meeting. 

at the meeting, xia yue, technical director of crystone technology, shared the application of iot technology in smart logistics. for a long time, the cost of logistics in china's society has remained high. in addition to factors such as high cost, low efficiency, and low degree of digitization, the intelligentization and low degree of standardization of pallets have also been the bottleneck of supply chain development. pallets are the most basic and closest logistics unit in the modern logistics industry, with a wide range of application scenarios. with the popularization of technologies such as the internet of things, the function of the pallet has also continued to extend from the most basic storage and transportation unit to the fields of information traceability, metering unit and intelligent supply chain. dsrp pallets equipped with  crystone smart chips will realize smart strips. the rapid development of transportation operations, intelligence, openness, and circular sharing will promote the efficient development of the digital supply chain.

 the traditional pallet is equipped with a  crystone rfid smart chip that integrates gs1 (barcode), rfid (ultra-high frequency), and nfc (high frequency). through the technology mode of "chip scanning and system recording" of the internet of things, the tray can be fully functional a single logistics vehicle has become a traceable and easy-to-manage "intelligent shared pallet", so that every circulation link of each pallet is clear in the system, and visualization makes pallet management simple and efficient. in august of this year, 

 crystone technology reached a strategic alliance with jd cloud box, gree mold, and terry machine. as the designated supplier of smart chips, crystone technology will continue to help the "jd standard" based on intelligent services in the field of logistics vehicles take root and sprout further.